[2023-1] 특별선택활동 : 식목행사 / Special Activity : Arbor Day Event
2023-06-27 10:38:47 조회수55
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   한양대학교 ERICA Residential College 센터 글로벌 하우스에서는 식목일을 기념하여 202345() 오후 1시와 414() 오전 10시에 식목행사를 진행하였다. 이번 행사는 창의인재원 2층 힐링 가든에서 창의인재원 기숙사 자치회와 함께 진행하여 글로벌 하우스와 리더십 하우스 참여 학생을 비롯하여 기숙사 거주학생도 함께 하였다. 학생들은 두 명씩 짝을 이루어 사전에 각자 신청했던 식물(쌈 채소류, 허브류, 야생화류)을 화분에 옮겨서 심고 푯말을 만들었다. 또한, 환경을 위한 각자의 행동다짐들을 써보며 환경에 대해 생각해보는 시간을 가졌다.

   At the Hanyang University ERICA Residential College Center Global House held an Arbor Day Planting Event to celebrate Arbor Day on April 5th, 2023 (Wednesday) at 1 PM, as well as on April 14th (Friday) at 10 AM. This event was organized in collaboration with the ERICA Residence Hall Student Council and took place at the Healing Garden on the 2nd floor of the dormitory. It involved students from the Global House and Leadership House, along with resident students from the dormitories. During the event, students paired up and planted the plants they had previously applied for, such as leafy vegetables, herbs, and wildflowers, in pots. They also created plant markers. Additionally, they took the time to write down their individual commitments to the environment and reflect on environmental issues. 

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